A look at the content of Laravel 10

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A look at the content of Laravel 10

A look at the content of Laravel 10

Laravel is a free open-source PHP framework designed for efficient development of Internet resources and applications. The platform allows you to simplify many processes within the portal, including the work with databases. If you need b2b website development with complex and unique features, you are welcome to apply to Devnrise. We are interested in the bottom line and will do our best to make your project a success.

A new major version of Laravel - v10 has been announced for release on February 7, 2023. Let's talk about some of the features and functionality that laravel development company has prepared.

When Laravel 10 is to be released?

Before version 9 of the framework, updates were released every six months. However, this has now changed, and the developers have rearranged themselves to a yearly schedule. Laravel 9 will be released in February 2022, instead of the announced date of September 2021.

The platform works with various packages as well as Symfony 9 out-of-the-box solution library components (used to implement some of the framework features). Since it was decided to release Symfony 6.0 in November 2021, the project authors delayed the release of Laravel 9.0 until 2022, which was caused by the necessity to update the core elements. With this move, the developers were able to move to Symfony 6.0 without waiting until September 2022 (the next update was scheduled for that date). The timetable adopted is better suited for the next announcements, as new versions of Laravel will now be released 2 months after the Symfony release.

According to the official information, platform updates will now be released in the following order:

  • Laravel 9 – 08.02.2022
  • Laravel 10 – 07.02.2023
  • Laravel 11 – 06.02.2024

Work on improving version 9 of the framework will continue until 8 August 2023, and security support until 6 February 2024. Laravel 10 updates can be expected until 6 August 2024, and security patches until 4 February 2025.

Laravel 10 will not support PHP 8.0

The framework will no longer work with PHP versions older than v8.0. The system will require at least PHP v8.1. If you compare master and 9.x, you can expect PHP v8.1 features – such as the read-only property – to be implemented in the update.

Own-type declarations in Laravel 10 skeleton

In the new version it will be possible to declare your own types in the skeleton code. With this feature, any code in the user interface created by the framework will be accompanied by type hints and return types. This approach has its own nuances, but most users should like the innovations.

The Laravel developer has implemented the addition of types in such a way that backward compatibility at the framework level is not compromised in projects based on the platform:

  • Return value types;
  • Method argument;
  • Mechanism to remove unnecessary footnotes;
  • Allow types of user land in the closing argument;
  • Does not include typed features.

As of Laravel 10, invoked validation rules are now used by default. When you create a new validation rule via artisan, the screen may show as follows:Invokable validation rules are used by default

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