How to enable online payments proceeding on a website?

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How to enable online payments proceeding on a website?

How to enable online payments proceeding on a website?

Nowadays online sales are an integral part of any business's successful promotion. Because of online payment processing relations between the seller and the customer become significantly faster and secure. The rapid growth of online sales raises the importance of questions - how to accept online payments? How is online store web development conducted? Next, we will consider those issues.

Online payments are payments transferred electronically and are made remotely to pay for products, services etc. They are allowing customers to pay for products and services without the need to use cash or bank transfers. Such payments are conducted with payment/credit cards, e-wallets, and online banking.

How to connect and set up online payments on a website?

You should choose the way of payment processing - payment aggregator or payment gateway that will process payments on your website.

  • It is necessary to check that the system will accept payments from the states of your target audience, as well as process different currencies.
  • Make an agreement with a payment aggregator and acquiring bank.
  • Create an account. Sometimes it is necessary to provide additional documents and proofs to conduct know-your-customer checks.
  • Receive API keys to integrate your website with a payment processing system. Usually, payment systems are providing all necessary guidelines.
  • Implement the code or use ready-made plug-ins or APIs that are provided by the payment system for integration with your website.
  • Test payment system performance to make sure that everything works well.
  • Ensure the safety of payment and billing information. You need to make sure that your website is using a secure connection through HTTPS and meets the safety requirements of payment information processing or/and storage.

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