How to promote your website on google - current methods for 2022

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How to promote your website on google - current methods for 2022

How to promote your website on google - current methods for 2022

When the рdevelopment of an online shop or other website takes place, close attention is paid to its promotion through search engines. It allows you to get what is known as "organic traffic", that is, users who have found your portal on their own. You can also get traffic through various advertising, but this method requires a constant expenditure of money. Therefore, below we will consider the main methods of organic promotion of websites.

поисковое продвижение сайта

Query optimization

SEO website promotion implies that you need to get your website's semantic core right. This includes the various words and phrases that people use to search for content on your site. It is how properly and well the keywords are set up that will determine how often they appear in searches. It is important that they match the content of the page, otherwise, the search engine will consider it unfair.

Adaptation for mobile devices

SEO website promotion

Now, most of the organic traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that it is easy to view from them, otherwise, users, faced with difficulties and inconveniences, will not stay there for long.

In order for search engine promotion via smartphones to go well, they must meet the following criteria:

  • The font is large and clear;
  • The presence of vertical scrolling only;
  • Links and buttons should be spaced apart;
  • Buttons should be large in size;
  • There should be no visual elements on the site that are not supported by mobile devices.

Video content

The user's time spent on the site affects the frequency of display. Video allows for better retention of the audience, increasing the portal's position in the rankings.

SEO website promotion

External links

If a site can be linked to third-party resources, this not only leads to some number of users from them, but also increases the frequency of the site's output.

Social media

SMM promotion is an important factor in website promotion. It allows you to receive organic traffic not only from search engines, but also from social networks. In addition, your presence on social media and constant reminders of yourself through various content increases brand awareness and customer loyalty. This will attract more users and increase sales. For social media promotion, it is important manage contextual advertising competently in order to gather your first audience.

Download speed

This factor does not affect the position in the rankings that much, but it has a serious impact on the behavioral factors of users. They do not like to wait long, so overloaded sites with long loading times do not stay for long.

It is important to understand that website promotion is a complex task that requires time. Configure the system, you need to test its performance and change non-operational elements. Therefore, it may take from 2 to 6 months or more for the site to be promoted, depending on the number of pages.

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