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Laravel 10.35 Released

Laravel 10.35 Released

The Laravel team rolled out version 10.35, featuring a Blade @use directive, a number abbreviation helper, and the ability to create a secret using artisan down, among other additions. Here are further details on the updates introduced this week:

Blade @use() directive addition:

{{-- Before --}}
use \App\Enums\WidgetStatusEnum as Status;
{{-- After --}}
@use('App\Enums\WidgetStatusEnum', 'Status')
{{ Status::Foo }}
{{ Bar::first() }}

Simon Hamp's contribution includes a @use() directive, enabling the import of a PHP class into a Blade template without relying on raw PHP tags.

Number abbreviation via Number::abbreviate():

@jcsoriano contributed the Number::abbreviate() class to the newly incorporated Number Class. This class facilitates the creation of human-readable abbreviated numbers.

Number::abbreviate(1_000_000); // "1M"
Number::abbreviate(100_001); // "100K"
Number::abbreviate(100_100); // "100K"
Number::abbreviate(99_999); // "100K"
Number::abbreviate(99_499); // "99K"

--with-secret option in the artisan down command:

Jacob Daniel contribution is the --with-secret option in the artisan down command. This option generates a secret phrase, allowing bypassing of maintenance mode without user-defined input.

Conditionable trait addition to the AssertableJson class:

Khalil Laleh's addition involves the integration of the Conditionable trait into the AssertableJson class. This trait enables assertions based on specific conditions, streamlining the assertion process within the class.

// Before
$response->assertJson(function (AssertableJson $json) use ($condition) {
if ($condition) {
// After
->assertJson(fn (AssertableJson $json) => $json->has('data'))
->when($condition, fn (AssertableJson $json) => $json->has('meta'))
// ...

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