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Laravel 10.7 Released

Laravel 10.7 Released

Laravel 10.7 PHP has been presented to the general public - Laravel framework has created a new version 10.7. It contains improvements and new functionality introduced by Laravel programmers to the Laravel world.

The bright and prominent element is the pipe() method at the process level. It activates commands sequentially, and passes the analytics from the previously executed command to the start of the next one. The setValue() method in the Validator class is also an important feature. It makes it possible to define the value of this element. The package includes fixes for various issues and bugs. They were previously reported by the Laravel community.

Let's dwell on the functionality and changes in Laravel 10.7. In the Process layer we added the pipe() method. It ensures that commands are run sequentially and passes the analytics from a previously executed command to activate a subsequent command. This method will run commands sequentially and pass the output of the previous command to the input of the next command:

$pipe = Process::pipe(function ($pipe)
$pipe->command('cat test.txt'),

$pipe->command('grep -i "foo"'),
} );
$pipe->run()->output(); // "foo"

This function is useful when it is necessary to bundle the results of a group of teams.

Validator's setValue() method

Joel Harkes presented the setValue() method in the Validator class to determine the value of this attribute. The PR developer gave this rationale for the relevance of this technique:

To do package programming, I would like to be able to override the data, to ensure the security of the type check. After making edits there is no way to effectively override an already implemented value. I could call setData(), but this action would provide a complete reboot of the normals themselves, and would cause them to slow down dramatically.

// with this PR:
$this->validator->setValue($attribute, $value);

// previously: very slow!
Arr::set($this->data, $attribute, $value);

Control of recalled event listeners in testing

Luke Kuzmisz has made his own contribution to being able to approve summoned event listeners. Previously, this had not been possible:

CreateDemandWorkOrder::class, // has __invoke() method

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