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Laravel 9.28 is released

Laravel 9.28 is released

Laravel is a free PHP framework used to build applications and web portals with a complex structure. It is used to create the basic framework for a future application. It defines the basic features and functions of the website. Most of the framework-based websites and applications operate according to the MVC - Model, View, Controller principle. This refers to the components of a single system that perform their own function:

  • Model. This is responsible for distributing the data and selecting the methods with which it will be handled;
  • View. The main task of this part: to provide data to the end-user, as well as to modify it in case of module changes;
  • Controller. It is required for transferring data from the system to the user and from the user to the system. It acts as a communication channel. Нововведения Laravel 9.28.

What's new in Laravel 9.28

In the new version of Laravel, the development team of the free PHP framework has introduced many useful changes. Many bugs that were causing problems in applications and websites earlier have been fixed. Some modules and framework options have also been changed.

Most important for backend developers writing code in the Laravel PHP framework are the following changes:

  • The addition of signal traps. Laravel now has special signal traps that can intercept special process signals and perform special actions afterwards;
  • Improved redirection. Using a special method, you can now set and retrieve a special redirect URL;
  • New assertion methods. Three new TestView assertion methods have been introduced, making web development more flexible;
  • New object transfer methods. Enumerated objects can now use the Stringable helper functions;
  • Preventing fill resetting. A special method can prevent fills from being reset while working with populated fields when the system is incompletely protected.

Because of these changes, Laravel web development has become easier and more flexible. If you're interested in Laravel website development services, Devnrise is here to help. We specialize in working with Laravel, so we have a lot of experience in solving your tasks with it.

We take on creating B2C/B2B applications and websites based on Laravel framework. Our work is aimed at creating the most comfortable and user-friendly product possible. Therefore, the final website or application will work correctly without causing customer resentment.

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