MODX Revolution 3.0.1 is already here!

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MODX Revolution 3.0.1 is already here!

MODX Revolution 3.0.1 is already here!

MODX Revolution is a popular MODX resource management system, which is fully object-oriented. The system is free to use, and allows you to create both a regular blog and a large website, without limiting the implementation of your ideas in any way, making this platform a very flexible mechanism for developers.

We are a high-tech way to run your business online with our organisation's MODX website development. Due to the flexibility of the system, we are able to expand it with our own modules, allowing you to develop a portal tailored to the specifics of your business. When you order a resource on MODX, you get a functional, modern product that allows you to take your business to new heights.

The MODX system allows you to implement any creative design. If you need an exclusive website designed in line with current web trends and to suit your business needs, MODX is the ideal solution. Maximum protection against virus attacks and other vulnerabilities. The platform is considered one of the safest to use.

The benefits of working with Devnrise

When developing a portal on MODX, you need to create a design for comfortable use by visitors by implementing the necessary features for operation, disabling unused plug-ins that slow down the loading speed of the resource, and securing the content. Commercial projects require comprehensive service and attention to detail. This principle lies at the heart of our company's activities.

Every project has its own characteristics, tasks and requirements, so we always create bespoke designs. Based on the customer's objectives, we prepare a strategy, thinking through each step. Constant contact with the customer allows us to develop a website that will provide high sales volumes. MODX helps us create effective projects. This platform is optimal for versatile, scalable and SEO-optimised portals with any external design.

MODX is ahead of many free CMSs in terms of page loading speed. This is not only user-friendly, but also relevant for promotion, as the loading speed of the portal is important for search engine ranking.

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