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Released Laravel version 10.31

Released Laravel version 10.31

In the current week, the Laravel development team introduced the release of version 10.31, featuring the capability to integrate batches within job chains. This enhancement allows for the sequential execution of jobs, followed by the parallel processing of a batch of jobs, seamlessly continuing the chain after the completion of that batch.

Facilitating the inclusion of a batch in a chain

Sebastien Armand implemented the feature enabling the execution of batches of jobs within a job chain. This functionality addresses scenarios encountered at Square, where certain jobs follow a sequential process, and specific steps either need parallel execution or have an unknown duration during the initial workflow trigger. These steps generate additional jobs, and it's crucial to track their completion to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of the chain.

To illustrate, consider the updated Chains & Batches documentation, which demonstrates tasks such as cache flushing, podcast release in batches, and batch notifications for those podcasts:

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use App\Jobs\FlushPodcastCache;
use App\Jobs\ReleasePodcast;
use App\Jobs\SendPodcastReleaseNotification;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Bus;
new FlushPodcastCache,
new ReleasePodcast(1),
new ReleasePodcast(2),
new SendPodcastReleaseNotification(1),
new SendPodcastReleaseNotification(2),

String timestamps are now handled by Sleep::until()

James Hulse contributed the functionality enabling the passing of a timestamp string to Sleep::until(), ensuring that the value remains numeric:

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Introducing support for the Sec-Purpose header

@nanos contributed support for the Sec-Purpose header when utilizing the $request->prefetch() method:

"While most User Agents set Purpose: prefetch in prefetch requests, Firefox uses Sec-Purpose: prefetch in the latest version, as described in the above MDN article. This means that calling the ->prefetch() method on the request will return false for requests sent via the Firefox browser, regardless of prefetch status".

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