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SEO in MODX 2023

SEO in MODX 2023

MODX is a free content management system that facilitates website search engine optimization. Before creating your own resource, it is necessary to decide on the foundation it will be based on. MODX is a viable solution for various types of websites, distinguished by a multitude of effective tools targeting different aspects of SEO promotion. In this article, we will explain how to use MODX for SEO in 2023, detailing its tools and how to use them more effectively.

MODX Tools

MODX Extras tools allow for better structuring of content and adding new interactions with it. This ensures that the text is presented in a more understandable form for users. The complex structure enables users to navigate between multiple articles, increasing the depth of website exploration, which is beneficial for search engine algorithms. Web development on MODX allows the use of several tools:

  • Redirection in case of 404 not found. If a site has been operational for a long time, some pages may not be at their original URL addresses. In such cases, a user coming from a search engine may encounter an error and not see the text. The SEO Suite tool helps avoid this by redirecting the user to the correct address. You don't need to do anything; the system will create such links automatically;
  • Creation of internal link blocks. With a significant depth of user exploration, there's a risk of users getting lost on the site, leading them to switch to another resource. The GetResources tool allows the creation of lists of related content. This helps users understand where they are on the site and navigate to higher-level pages. Additionally, a block of links is formed based on related tags, increasing the depth of site exploration;
  • Site map. The same SEO Suite tool enables the creation of a site map. This makes it easier for you to navigate the content already present on the site and manage it. For example, blocks with recently published articles, popular texts, etc., will be highlighted;
  • SEO optimization on Google. If you frequently publish news in different industries, promotion in this area will significantly benefit your site. However, this requires creating a scheme that shows the search engine what a specific page is about.
  • Finding forgotten content. On large sites over the years, many good but unpopular articles may accumulate. On their own, they will hardly be promoted through search engines. The Link Strategy tool helps find such pages. Afterward, you need to create internal links, specifying a link to them in a new article. This way, the old text will "come to life" and start to be promoted.

Tips for Promotion in MODX

By using various management system tools, you can enhance the site's performance in the eyes of search engines. Adding internal links will create an interest for users to continue viewing pages. A well-thought-out and visually clear structure that facilitates navigation will increase the depth of site exploration, highly valued by search engine algorithms. However, to ensure users read your articles completely and want to see new ones, attention should be paid to content quality. Use a variety of visual elements: lists, images, footnotes, attention blocks, videos, etc. These elements facilitate text perception, reducing the chance that the user will stop reading it.

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