Top 10 reasons to develop a website in MODX instead of HTML

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Top 10 reasons to develop a website in MODX instead of HTML

Top 10 reasons to develop a website in MODX instead of HTML

The global popularity of content management systems (CMS) leaves some users dreaming of a self-written project in HTML. The main argument in favour of the second option is the absence of restrictions with templates, the possibility to make something unique. The MODX platform breaks notions about generic CMS, provides the desired freedom of action, and other advantages, which we will consider in more detail.

Advantages of MODX over HTML: 10 arguments

Clients often approach Devnrise with the question of which platform website development will allow them to fully realise their ideas and achieve their objectives. Thoughts of writing a website from scratch on HTML are balanced with difficulties in promotion, scalability, organization of protection from hacking, other predictable nuances. the alternative is MODX web development. Advantages of the system:

  1. Flexibility, adaptation to customer's needs.
  2. Minimal level of vulnerability, high security.
  3. Large set of tools for promotion
  4. Simple SEO optimization, which provides search engine promotion of the site on the right criteria.
  5. Intuitive admin panel for comfortable management.
  6. Easy to set up integrations with third-party programs to organise process cycles.
  7. Quality development of an online shop, corporate website and other resources in accordance with the needs of the customer.
  8. Professional ready-made modules, the ability to create add-ons.
  9. Easy change of scale of the project.
  10. Intuitive organisation of multi-language and multi-domain site.

The freedom and flexibility of the web development aspect is underpinned by support for HTML6/CSS4 to handle all designs and content. WordPress and some other CMS are not secure enough, MODX is dozens of times less vulnerable. It can't be hacked by ill-wishers, and its structured permission-setting algorithm allows you to wisely limit access for those who work with the platform. A SEO-friendly website attracts search engine crawlers, enables promotion of the project, and places it in the top 10 without too much hassle. The usability of self-written resources is questionable. MODX offers a good administrative panel, for easy interaction and concentration on other processes.

The desire to make something unique without generic templates is not a reason to give up using a CMS. We at Devnrise offer website creation services on MODX with any structure and level of complexity. Non-standard tasks are easily solved on this platform, feel free to order a project that will attract both clients and search engines.

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