Переход на Google Analytics 4: Причины сделать это быстрее

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Transition to Google Analytics 4: why it should be done as soon as possible

Transition to Google Analytics 4: why it should be done as soon as possible

It's been a while since the moment when Google announced the creation of their analytics system Google Analytics 4 creation. After this event, customers have a choice to use Universal Analytics for information control or use GA4. However, since this summer there will be no such choice.

What is changing and what to expect

Starting this summer Google will stop maintaining Universal Analytics' outdated platform. Since the beginning of this October support and maintenance of the Universal Analytics 360 system will not be available. The main reason for this decision is the rapid obsolescence of data collection technologies used in the Universal Analytics system. Following the deadline to continue using data, it should be made a transition to GA4. The information gained via Universal Analytics still could be used during the next half of the year. After this term will pass out, generated reports will not be available.

Which advantages provide usage of Google Analytics 4

Google is giving advice to switch to GA4 as soon as possible. It will provide an opportunity to save a huge amount of data with the new interface. At the same time, disconnection from Universal Analytics will not interrupt processes happening right now. The new development complies with the latest requirements and provides more accurate data.

Advantages of the new interface:

  • The system is created taking into account current requirements for privacy policy. During the working process, it is related not only to cookie files and further it will not store IP-addresses of users. SEO optimization of websites will occur rapidly and easily.
  • Data collection on different platforms. GA4 features such as a data collection model that is event-based and this model is analyzing cross-platform information.  At the same time, Universal Analytics is anchored to the desktop version of the network and information gained from cookie files.
  • The analytics system is created taking into account the top priorities of the organisation. This would include things like increasing sales or numbers of users of the application, as well as new customer attraction.
  • The software provides projections based on the collected information. Machine-learning technologies based on existing data can predict customer behaviour patterns and the possibility of conversion actions to occur.

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