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What's new in Google Analytics 4

What's new in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a system for tracking a variety of website information. Google's contextual advertising is set up using this service, so it's relevant to all website owners. The software has recently been updated to version 4, so in this article we'll take a look at the major changes and how they'll benefit your website.


All Universal Analytics software users can now upgrade to GA4 simply by clicking on the appropriate button. Before listing the main innovations, we will dwell on the need for this update.

Everyone using the analytics service should definitely upgrade to the latest version. Until June 1, 2023, Universal Analytics services will continue to function properly and collect data. However, after the first date, their support will be terminated, which means that it will not be possible to track the data. Therefore, it is worth preparing for the service shutdown in advance by mastering the new version. In addition, it offers many new options.


The new version of the service has undergone many changes, so we'll try to look at the most important things that differentiate Google Analytics from Universal Analytics. We will also tell you what they are good at and what they allow you to do.

GA4 has the following differences from an earlier version:

  • The ability to track user scrolling is now available. This is important enough to optimise the structure of the website and the data located on it;
  • Now the data will not be stored indefinitely. Their maximum retention period is 14 months. This is definitely a disadvantage of the new version, but you need to be aware of it;
  • Google Analytics 4 is now able to track transitions through external links. Previously, you had to configure the display and counter for each of them separately. Now the service automatically shows how many users have clicked on a phone number, been redirected to a social network, or downloaded various files;
  • The USER-ID feature allows tracking multiple devices of the same user. Previously, in order to set it up you had to edit the site code and set specific settings. Now this option is built into the service from the start, making it easier to monitor this data;
  • Communication with Google Ads has been simplified, and much of the data from there will now be sent directly to the analytics service. This means that your contextual advertising will be even more effective and transparent;
  • You can use one counter to process data from different sources. This allows you to separately track the number of visitors from iOS and Android apps and users who visit the site directly.

Benefits of the new version

Google Analytics 4 is also superior to older versions in the following ways:

  • Information is now tracked from all platforms, allowing a comprehensive view of users without the need for additional customisation;
  • The hierarchy of data collected has been improved. There are now two main indicators: account and resource;
  • Thanks to the built-in USER-ID, the system will show the correct number of users by identifying the platforms from which they log in. Logging in from a browser and through an app will be counted as one visit from the same user;
  • To increase data privacy, the gtag.js library is used;
  • This system is able to track all user actions within the sales funnel, showing their path;
  • The statistics have become even more detailed. There are many new tools for getting useful data;
  • The analytics and data collection is handled by a specially developed artificial intelligence;
  • Instead of segments, the new system uses events, which makes it easier to process the information.

New interface

GA 4

The interface of Google Analytics 4 is different from the menus in Universal Analytics. It's not easy to get used to at first, but GA offers quite rich functionality that is intuitive. It collects statistics based on the behaviour of users on your site. So the information should be as useful and revealing as possible to optimise advertising and sales.

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